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“I think it’s important for us to teach our children charity,” said Shawn Metcalf.  It is a lesson he was taught at a young age.  ”I remember my dad doing it when I was little, and I remember how it made me feel. So we’re trying to pass that on.” ”

“Shawn Metcalf of Metcalf Tree & Landscaping said, “We’ve actually been down on our luck before and people helped us out.  The need is getting worse and worse and we’re finding more and more people who need it.  [We're] just trying to do our part.” Some of the volunteers are the ones using the wood to heat their own homes.

“For the past 15 years, Shawn Metcalf and his family have donated excess wood gathered from their tree service to families through their Start a Spark foundation. A group of volunteers split hundreds of pieces of firewood Saturday morning, an effort that will pay off for those in need this winter.” NBC29


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