Fire Wood

Shredded Hardwood & Pine bark mulch
3-4 cubic Yds. = $36.50 per cubic Yd.
5-6 cubic Yds. = $32.50 per cubic Yd.
7-8 cubic Yds. = $29.50 per cubic Yd.
9-11 cubic Yds. = $27.00 per cubic Yd.
12+ cubic Yds. = $26.00 per cubic Yd.

Certified fiber compost
3-6 cubic Yds. = $35.00 per cubic Yd.
7-12 cubic Yds. = $31.00 per cubic Yd.

Premium blended Topsoil
2-4 cubic Yds. = $47.00 per cubic Yd.
5-7 cubic Yds. = $41.00 per cubic Yd.
8-10 cubic Yds. =$38.00 per cubic Yd.

Shredded Hardwood = $26.00 per cubic yard.

Pine bark mulch = $26.00 per cubic yard.

Certified Fiber compost = $27.00 per cubic yard.

Premium blended topsoil = $36.00 per cubic yard.

Prices do not include sales tax and are subject to change based on current fuel prices. Additional delivery fees may apply, contact us for clarification.

We deliver the material to your location.
Delivery cost is reduced for higher quantity orders.

Pick Up
You may pick up materials from our location from 7am to 7pm, Monday – Saturday.
Please call ahead for a reservation until we open our nursery and garden center….coming soon.

Colored Mulches are made from shredded pallets and/or some other wood construction or demolition debris and are dyed with an organic, non toxic colorant. This product then goes to market and is not allowed to compost or break down naturally. When it is applied to your landscape the break down process begins and it pulls nitrogen that is beneficial to your plants and soil out of the ground and uses the nitrogen to help the mulch decompose and break down. Unless the soil is tested and the nitrogen added back, your plants can turn yellow and not thrive for some time. So at this time we do not stock or recommend the colored mulches you see around at most landscape suppliers or garden centers.

We do offer a double ground hardwood mulch that is dyed and can be special ordered, please call for a quote if you wish to use it.

Full cord (128 cubic ft.) = $250.00
(This will not fit on a full size pick up unless the bed has been modified and would probably be overweight as well.)
Face cord (1/2 cord/64 cubic ft.) = $150.00
(This could fit on a full size pick up but would be a heaping load.)
Delivery charges may apply but generally we try to keep them at a minimum if at all possible, only 10% of our sales require a delivery charge.
Other size loads are available and can be quoted upon request.

Our firewood is 99.9% hardwood consisting of 90% Oak and some Hickory, Ash, Locust, Dogwood, Cherry, Apple, Pear mixed in.

Purchasing Advice

When purchasing firewood, consumers need to beware that there is a lot of fraud with type, quality and quantity. The only legal way to sell wood according to the department of weights and measures is by the cubic foot, face cord (which amounts to half of a full cord) and cord. A cord of wood should measure 4ft.x4ft.x8ft. when stacked.

We have been selling wood for over 28 years and guarantee the quantity and quality of our firewood.