Beamer Residence, Schyler, VA, 2012

“Friday night during the [Derecho] storm we had a tree fall onto our home, all weekend I waited, passed the floor just waiting to talk to the insurance company. Monday I finally got them on the phone and they told me not to worry just take plenty of picks and find a removal service. I called well over 12 companies and finally got the owner and his wife on the phone. They handled everything, from calling the insurance company for approval, to making sure that my roof was closed up by the time we went to bed. I have to say they made me feel like I was top priority, versus those with just trees down in their yards. Other companies were telling us “no they don’t come to Nelson County” or I would have to wait 3-4 weeks; not Metcalf.  They took calls and noticed when there was an emergency.  I would recommend these people to anyone that needs tree removal”

Victoria, Schuyler, 2012