Tree removal services

24 Hour Emergency Tree Removal
Storm damage is the most common reason for emergency service, but:
Maybe you were out in the yard and noticed that a tree was leaning and getting ready to fall for some reason or another
Maybe you are a “do it yourself” kinda person and you tried but now it has started to lean the wrong way so you stopped! Well, I don’t need to tell you that you should have called before you started to cut it. (Believe it or not, it happens more often than you may think!) So I will just say “you’re not the only one and we are glad you called!
Maybe another company was supposed to do it and never showed up, now they won’t even return your phone call but this tree that you need removed is holding up some larger project of some kind.
Mayby you let your cat out and it ran up a tree and won’t come down, you waited a day or two or three, called the fire dept and they won’t come out, (and they don’t anymore!) Now you are afraid your cat will starve if you don’t do something!

We have done it all, so whatever the reason, we are here to help 24/7/365. Call anytime!

Tree Removal and Extraction
If you have a tree that looks like a hard and difficult job: to big or to tall, to close to your house or in between 2 or 3 houses or in the middle of your brand new deck that was built around it over your swimming pool and next to your hot tub and pool house…We can help!

In 30 years we have never had a tree we wouldn’t do!

Even if other companies told you it couldn’t be done unless… We can do it!
Maybe they said they couldn’t get their equipment close enought? We can do it without the equipment!
Maybe they said they needed a crane? We can do it without one, but we have one if we need it!
To dangerous or to risky? That is what we do!
Maybe they said it would have to be handled by hand and walked out and up the stairs to the street 1 small piece at a time? We can do that as well!
Maybe they just don’t want to do it?  WE DO!

Tree Clearing
This is where you have plenty of room to work like clearing a lot for a new house or clearing some land for a horse. If you are looking to have some trees cleared for some reason or another.  With our equipment we can get the job done safely, clean and fast!

Stump Grinding and/or Removal
If you have 1 stump or 100 stumps you want to removed without any damage to your lawn or landscape; stump grinding is the answer. If you are clearing several trees for a new house or swimming pool, where additional excavation will be done, then digging them out may be the answer for you, whatever the case may be we are equipped to assist!

Tree care services

Class I - Fine pruning
Recommended for premium quality work with emphasis on aesthetic considerations in addition to structural integrity.
Consists of the removal of dead, dying, diseased, decayed, interfering, objectionable, obstructing and/or weak branches as small as one-half inch in diameter. Also good for selective thinning to lesson wind resistance.

Class II - Standard Pruning
Recommended where aesthetic considerations are secondary to structural integrity and tree health concerns.
Consists of the removal of the same as in Fine Pruning down to as small as one inch in diameter, as well as selective thinning to lesson wind resistance.

Class III – Hazard Pruning
Recommended where safety considerations are paramount.
Consists of the removal of dead, diseased, decayed, and obviously weak branches two inches in diameter or greater.
The presence of any girdling roots, disease condition, fungus fruiting bodies, decayed trunk or branches, cracks or other structural weakness will be noted and corrective measures recommended.

Class IV - Crown Reduction Pruning (also known as “cutting back” or  “drop crotch pruning”)
Consists of the reduction of tops, sides or individual limbs.  It involves the removal of a parent limb or dominant leader at the point of attachment of a lateral branch.
This form of pruning should only be performed in situations where branches interfere with utility lines, when there has been significant crown die back, when it is necessary to achieve specific topiary training or dwarfing and in cases where, due to storm damage or prior incorrect pruning, it is appropriate to prune for safety and aesthetic reasons.

Crown Elevation Pruning
Consist of removing the lower branches in order to achieve specific goals.
This can be for aesthetic purposes, vehicle clearance, pedestrian clearance or lighting enhancement for signage visibility or security and safety reasons. Care should be taken to maintain a symmetrical appearance and cuts should not be made so large or so numerous that they will prevent or hinder normal sap flow.

Should not be done as this goes against everything that the tree care industry stands for.
If you request it we will do everything we can to talk you out of it, but if you are already intent on having this done and are willing to sign a waiver, releasing our company from any liability that may be caused from killing your trees, We are just as good at it as anybody and are willing to provide you with the end result you desire…..but please think about it!

Tree Fertilization, Pest & Disease Management, Cabling & Bracing, and Lightning Protection, for information on these and any other services not listed,  please contact us for details.