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  • victor hauser says:

    I have been negligent in writing this testimonial. Shawn and his crew cut down a 300 year old oak for us in charlottesville a few years ago. The tree towered over our one story ranch and covered three neighbors’ back yards. The tree was struck by lightening and was rotting from the roots up. The tree was in one corner of the yard and the only access was a one car driveway. I marvelled as the crew painstackingly cut one piece at a time and lowered it with ropes from high up above my neighbor’s yards to a small area in our back yard. The project was a week long and now I cannot even remember the hugh tree that was there. I could tell how experienced Shawn and his crew were by the diligence and precision of their work.

    I am writing this, somewhat embarressed, because I hired someone else to cut a tree down recently and they damaged my house and nearby trees. So now Shawn is coming to the rescue. Be careful who you hire and I encourage you to give Shawn and his crew a chance to show you their expertise!

  • Robert Moody says:

    As a Civil Engineer, Home designer and builder. I have know Shawn for many years and his service has always prompt and courteous. Now that I am no longer building homes I still use Shawn as my supplier of wood for my fireplace. The wood is seasoned and the price is right. I still design homes for contractors and people and you can see me at http://architects.buildingpros.com/build/1003990

    Bob Moody

  • Michael and Heather Best says:

    I want to thank you for rescuing our cat, “Goblin” from the large oak tree in our front yard. I’m sure it is pretty rare that you get a call from a frantic cat owner that their cat is 60 feet up a tree and will not come down.

    We found out through research that local authorities would not be able to help us, and that we should call an arborist. You did some work for us in the past, and immediately thought of your company as the one to call!

    My wife Heather was relived when you showed up in our front yard at 830 at night, climbing gear and ladder ready to go. “Goblin” had already spent the night up in the tree and had not moved from the limb he was on. You reassured her that you have rescued several cats from the tree tops and that “Goblin” would come right to you once you got up there and that our situation is not as uncommon as you would think.

    I was impressed how professional you were and willingness to help a lady and her cat in a crisis. Heather was so relieved when you came down that tree with her cat under your arms.

    “Goblin” has since been neutered and declawed. He will no longer be climbing trees anymore. If I ever need someone to rescue another animal from a tree, or cut down a 50ft oak that is leaning toward the neighbors house, I know Metcalf Tree Services will be there to help me.


    Michael and Heather Best

  • Anonymous says:


    I would like to thank you for the outstanding job you did. You performed the complete removal of 16 large trees, safety trimmed one tree, removed all trunks, limbs, brush, leaves and twigs. The stumps were expertly ground well below the surface and virtually no damage occurred to my beautifully landscaped, sodded lawn.

    Your work is as promised, stated clearly in your written estimate, and it was good to receive a copy of your certificate of insurance from the agency/underwriter.

    Your crew are Professional, courteous, punctual, and very hard working people. They did an outstanding job of cleaning up after the job, leaving almost no trace of their three days of work.

    Finally, your price is very fair, I took over ten estimates before deciding upon Metcalf. My decision was based primarily upon the fact that your equipment, methods and experience suggested less impact upon my existing landscape. I was very pleased with my choice of Metcalf Tree and Landscape Services from my initial contact with Kelley Metcalf through the completion of the job.

    Thank you for a job well done!

    This is an unsolicited, uncompensated letter of satisfaction. You may use it in any way you wish, and I hope that it brings you well deserved opportunity to perform your outstanding service for others.

    Rick and Lupe Gottschalk, Palmyra, Virginia.

  • Robert A Garland Jr. says:

    1/25/07 this was a letter that was forwarded to us from the Better Business Bureau from a customer in Charlottesville,Va.

    I am sure it is not often that you receive a letter of compliment on one of your members. However, I wanted you to know that I received superior service at a reasonable price from METCALF TREE AND LANDSCAPE SERVICES in Troy, Virginia. This company was recommended to me by a neighbor.

    I had ten trees (mostly very large oaks) removed from my property. Because of the proximity to my house, none of the trees could be “dropped”, but had to be taken down piece by piece from the top. This was done with extreme care and expertise with minimal damage to the surrounding landscaping.

    The true measure of a company can be determined when something goes wrong as it did during my job (through no fault of theirs). I had neglected to tell them of two plastic drainage pipes located beneath the ground next to a large oak tree. During the stump grinding process, these two pipes were accidentally destroyed and could have been easily covered up. The first I knew of the problem was when I saw one of the workmen walking through my yard carrying brand new pipes to replace the damaged ones. They were replaced at no additional charge and they even cleared out a partial blockage from the remaining pipes!

    You should know that I am very particular about any work done in my house or yard. So much so, that I normally do most of it myself because I am frequently disappointed at the quality of workmanship of most companies and individuals. It is truly refreshing to find someone who cares about the quality of their work as much as I do.

    Robert A. Garland Jr.

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